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Relax out back with some yard games at the Tangled Wood!

Red and green bocce balls lying in the grass.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball (also spelled bocci) is an Italian lawn bowling game. One of the oldest games in the world, it was introduced to troops so that they could decompress and take their minds off the stress that came with fighting in the war. Though an Italian tradition, bocce ball grew into a sport enjoyed around the world and is now considered one of the world’s most played games. Some famous bocce ball players of times past include Hippocrates, Leonarda Da Vinci, Queen Elizabeth, Galileo and Henry VIII.

In this game, two teams of any skill level use one smaller ball (the pallina) to get eight larger balls (four per team) closest to the pallina. The closer your team’s balls are, including hitting the pallina, the more points you score. We imagine it all started with a few rocks and a good imagination back in Roman times!

A group of adults and kids playing cornhole.

Bean Bag Toss

You say cornhole, we say bags. Tomato, tah-mah-toe. The popular lawn game actually has many names: baggo, bean bag game, the bag game, bean bag toss, checko, hillbilly horseshoes, tailgate toss and so many more. But, thankfully, we don’t have to agree on a name. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve got it!

Much like bocce ball, bags requires patience and that consistent throwing motion to win. The game is simple: four players (teams of two) take turns tossing bags of corn kernels at the bags boards to try to get in the hole or on the board. Before crafting throwable objects out of leather and cloth, they simply threw small items into milk crates.

Popularized in the upper midwest (bags) and southern states (cornhole), it’s now played everywhere but dates back to 14th century Germany (before it was officially Germany). Rediscovered in the hills of Kentucky about 100 years ago, it’s all the rage now. Not yet an ESPN sport, the American Cornhole League (ACL) does exist which, we feel, makes it pretty official!

*We keep at least two sets out at a time but please ask us if your party would like more sets. Great for larger gatherings and company parties so everyone has something to do!

Green turf.

Rules of Bocce Ball


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